The Foundation

The foundation Professoren van de Straat (Professors of the Street) finances small-scale education. Small-scale education is the right educational method because it is a fun way to learn. The advantage of working on a smaller scale than traditional classroom education is that attention is payed to interests and talents of the student (to keep education fun) and even so attention is payed to the teacher and wishes of the parents/guardian (to keep education useful).

Small-scale education is expensive due to the absence of the economies of scale, so ‘efficient labour’ is arguably less possible. On the other hand, small-scale education could be considered to be cheap because the teacher’s flexible work keeps the overhead costs low.  Yet, education is a costly business. Foundation Professoren van de Straat aims to meet operational costs with support from the community. There are even opportunities for businesses to collaborate with this small-scale education.

The community can support good education, but the structure of the small-scale educational model prevents austere decisions from above. This means that education is back in the hands of teachers, students, and parents/guardians: the place where it belongs.